101 Uses

TrampersFriend® is in search of 101 unique uses for our versatile sheep’s wool and we would love for you to join the fun! Email us your best idea for using TrampersFriend® to [email protected], if you’re idea is not already on the list, we’ll send you a bag of TrampersFriend® absolutely FREE

The list of uses will be published on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our website. Make sure you ‘like’ us on Facebook and ‘follow’ us on Instagram to watch the list grow!

Please note that TrampersFriend® reserves the right to approve entries to be included on the list.

Check the list below for uses that have been submitted already and see if you can come up with anything new

  1. Ear plugs.
  2. Warm feet (no chemical foot warmers).
  3. Warm hands (no chemical hand warmers).
  4. Packaging material.
  5. Bed sores.
  6. Blister prevention.
  7. Children’s cloud formations for school projects.
  8. For day-to-day use as padding in shoes for people having foot sensitivity and walking problems as a result of being on chemotherapy.
  9. To line thin polypro’ gloves when it gets cold.
  10. For dressing a “dry fly” when out fishing in the bush.
  11. To keep the pressure off and heal pressure point sores.
  12. As an emergency candle wick when in a hut with lots of burnt out candles.
  13. Making it available to birds for lining of nests.
  14. As a ‘crotch’ liner against chafing for cyclists.
  15. Joint warmers for relief of stiff, aching joints.
  16. As a ‘scarf’ around the mouth after a tooth extraction.
  17. As a ‘nipple’ warmer when running in cold weather.
  18. Wrap-around cup so they fit in a cup holder.
  19. Cushion back pack strap.
  20. Cushion pillow.
  21. Extra glove insulation.
  22. Transform work gloves into winter gloves.
  23. Transform gumboots into winter boots.
  24. Cover gap between you gloves and sleeve.
  25. Sock in a pinch.
  26. Cushion gloves in order to stop blisters.
  27. Safe packing for small items.
  28. For preventing blisters in ballet shoes.
  29. To use it as extra insulation inside your beanie.
  30. Mark a trail in the woods