TrampersFriend® was originally produced by Belex Carding, a company based on the South Island of New Zealand which carded wool for spinners and weavers. Former Belex Carding owner, Geoff Taylor, got the idea from a childhood memory. As a child, Geoff’s parents and friends would go hiking around New Zealand’s Mount Cook, first plucking the sheep’s wool off the barbed wire fences. They would stuff the wool in between their toes and pressure points on their feet.

Our customer base has expanded internationally; getting recognized and sold all over the world by word-of-mouth recommendations. UK-based, Deborah Shields, a former cancer patient who walked the 100km Sahara Trek for cancer charity group Odyssey, was given a sample pack to try on her hike. Deborah couldn’t have been happier with the results and is now a loyal user of TrampersFriend®.

TrampersFriend® has teamed up with SOCKSpacific Ltd of Christchurch, New Zealand in producing a 100% NEW ZEALAND MADE sock designed especially for hikers. SOCKSpacific Ltd has worked closely with a company called Nuyarn in the development of a twistless wool yarn which reduces friction and the possibility of blisters.