8 Hiking Gear Blogs You Should Be Following

8 Hiking Gear Blogs You Should Be Following

When finding the best gear for your next outdoor adventure, it is necessary to get insight from the pros. These guys are, in our opinion, the best and most popular blog sites dedicated to finding you the right stuff.

Whether you want reviews on the latest in hiking tech or just tips on how to build a fire, these guys have you covered.

1. Gear Junkie- https://gearjunkie.com/
Not only does Gear Junkie provide all of the information you need about which products are right for you, they also include entertaining content. They have funny videos and even comics!

2. Outdoor Gear Lab- http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/
Outdoor Gear Lab is easy to use- simply find the type of product you are interested in and they will provide a detailed comparison between different brands and types!

3. Outdoor Gear Exchange- http://gearx.com/blog/
The Outdoor Gear Exchange blog includes many “how to” videos for you to find and choose the ideal gear for you.

4. The Gear Caster- http://www.thegearcaster.com/
Gear search tool finds the product you want on different sites so you can get the best price on everything you need!

5. Active Gear Review- https://activegearreview.com/
Active Gear Review gives you to-the-point reviews on a huge assortment of products for a wide array of outdoor needs.

6. Section Hiker- http://sectionhiker.com/
This blog reviews backpacking gear along with hiking, so it has all the supplies you need to survive outdoors.

7. Gear Institute- http://www.gearinstitute.com/
The Gear Institute puts hiking gear to the test with articles from expert reviewers.

8. Backpacker.com- http://backpacker.com/gear/
Aside from gear reviews, backpacker.com also features tips and tricks for surviving the wilderness and other essential outdoor skills. It even offers online courses!

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