What our customers say

“I have tried so many products, tape and gauze, band aids, cotton balls, etc. for keeping my hammertoes from causing sores on other toes. Trampers Friend® worked perfectly to keep the pressure off and healed the pressure point sores.”

--Jan Sedgwick--

“I have been tramping for years and have been all through the various blister pack options; Compeed etc but I was extremely impressed with Trampers Friend® – it kept the blisters away and kept my toes nice and warm, even on the cold mornings! We continue to use Trampers Friend® for our day trips and I will definitely be recommending Trampers Friend® (and Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track) to all fellow trampers!”

--Penelope Kenez (Aptos, California)--

“We had 3 great days of hiking and I can honestly say that Trampers Friend® was a life saver. Well at least a foot saver.”

--Deborah Shields – Sahara Trek hiker--

“This was my first ever tramp and, thankfully, I was fully equipped with a packet of Trampers Friend®…..a friend indeed.”

--Rosemary Bowyer--

“Earlier this year I completed the Oxfam Trailwalker and after creating a pretty impressive blister I dug into our goodie bag and found your Trampers Friend® freebie. What a godsend, this product is fabulous and definitely helped me stay on my feet for 20 and a half hours of walking!”

--Catharina --

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