“We trekked in Bhutan in 2013 and on the 5th day we had a surprise 50th birthday party with cake and party hats on the shores of Jimilang Tsho “Sand Ox Lake” 3870 meters.

We used trampers friend to mark the route for the slower trampers (they lovingly called themselves the Nanas). It worked a treat and became a game to try to find it. It brought a smile to whoever spotted it first!”

Marty (February 2017)

“It’s fantastic wool. I’ve used it before and I make photography props for my newborn photography. [Above is] a photo of how I use your wool! I make giant ropes and felted nests for babies to lie in!”

Jalnena (October 2016)

“Earlier this year I completed the Oxfam Trailwalker and after creating a pretty impressive blister I dug into our goodie bag and found your Trampers Friend® freebie. What a godsend, this product is fabulous and definitely helped me stay on my feet for 20 and a half hours of walking!”

Krist (August 2016)

“I have tried so many products, tape and gauze, band aids, cotton balls, etc. for keeping my hammertoes from causing sores on other toes. Trampers Friend® worked perfectly to keep the pressure off and healed the pressure point sores.”

Mary K. Lies (July 2016)

“I have been tramping for years and have been all through the various blister pack options; Compeed etc but I was extremely impressed with Trampers Friend® – it kept the blisters away and kept my toes nice and warm, even on the cold mornings! We continue to use Trampers Friend® for our day trips and I will definitely be recommending Trampers Friend® (and Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track) to all fellow trampers!”

Amanda Lowe (July 2016)

“This is the second packet I’ve bought can’t believe how good it works!”

Lao (March 2016)

“We had 3 great days of hiking and I can honestly say that Trampers Friend® was a life saver. Well at least a foot saver.”

Dirk Sorensen (June 2016)

“This was my first ever tramp and, thankfully, I was fully equipped with a packet of Trampers Friend®…..a friend indeed.”

Alana McElhinney (June 2016)

“This is the second packet I’ve bought can’t believe how good it works!”

Lao (April 2016)

“Want to be the ‘go to’ person for fellow trampers? One way to meet all your tramping party is to be the person carrying the Trampers Friend® footfleece. I used it when walking the Humpridge Track (www.humpridgetrack.co.nz – try it!) and completed the three day hike with no blisters and all my toe nails intact – unlike the Tongariro Crossing which claimed a couple of toenails – and a knee.

At the end of the first day- clambering over tree roots in the long slow 900m climb to Okaka Ridge and the welcoming Okaka Lodge, everyone started looking at how their feet had fared. Drifts of footfleece were handed out from my (thankfully light) pack and everyone padded up for the descent the next day.

Day three- well fuelled by Lodge warden Noeline’s brilliant porridge – was a walk out through the bush and forest on well formed tracks with only some residual water from the rains the week before. We were lucky enough to hike along the beach for some hours, stopping to play what we believe was the southernmost game of petanque on the mainland.

Recommend the track …..and the footfleece.”

Jan Sedgwick (February 2016)

“I discovered “foot fleece” or Trampers Friend® before walking the Milford Track in 2011. I had hurt one foot in a small accident just before leaving for New Zealand and the instep and toes were still quite sore 2 weeks later when we began practice walks. I found that packing foot fleece loosely around my sore toes, under the socks relieved the pressure and discomfort entirely and by the end of the route I had no pain at all! Since then I always use this for any discomfort with feet where no open sore is involved. I haven’t had a single blister since.

It is amazingly hard to get people to take this material seriously, but it really does work much more easily and comfortably than bandages, etc.”

Penelope Kenez (Aptos, California) (September 2015)

“I was one of the very few who didn’t end up with foot problems. The only difficulty I had was trying to persuade some of my fellow trekkers to use it! They were a bit sceptical and many of them paid the price and ended up with their feet wrapped in zinc oxide tape.”

Deborah Shields – Sahara Trek hiker (March 2015)

“I have used it several times now, and find it great! We walked 7 miles in snow last week and I found it both comfortable and cosily warm, while others complained of cold feet.”

Rosemary Bowyer (December 2014)

“We tape a lot of feet here because of the intense hiking program we have and it certainly would be much better for all if they all got some wool.”

Catharina (January 2014)