How to Use

Using Trampers Friend® is simple. JWrap a comfortable amount between your toes, put your socks and shoes on, and you’re ready to go! TrampersFriend® will compact down and adjust to the shape of your foot and shoe as you walk.

Before applying TrampersFriend® if you notice any discomfort, rubbing, or soreness take enough TrampersFriend® to cover the affected area to create a padding and reduce any further discomfort or irritation.

Finding that you haven’t used enough? Apply a bit more TrampersFriend® to make a thicker padding and walk a few steps to make the wool compact down to form to the shape around your foot.

Remember! TrampersFriend® can be used as more than just a padding for your feet. It can be used inside your gloves to keep your fingers warm, as well as reducing the chafing from backpack straps. Want to know more uses for it? Have a unique use that can be added to our list? See our growing list of 101 TrampersFriend® uses.